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About Niklife

Niklife Niklife Financial Inc. was established in Canada in 2010 to provide valuable information to corporations and families. We work closely with our clients to support their investment, insurance, tax planning, estate planning, and cash flow goals.

We empower businesses and individuals to make informed decisions about their cash management, insurance, and investment needs. By building personalized solutions for every one of our clients, we help ensure their success in current and future endeavors.

Our philosophy

As dedicated financial advisors to each of our clients, we stand for professionalism and excellence in everything we do. In providing personalized products and services, we are committed to fiscal responsibility and ethical support of our clients on every step of their financial journey.

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We use our team knowledge in different aspects of tax planning, work with your accountant, and other professionals to create a plan to differ and minimize your personal and business tax.
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With access to the different types of investments from registered accounts to Venture funds, and knowledge of tax planning our advisors can help you to increase the value of your investment faster.
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As a broker firm, we have access to most of the insurance products in Canada and we can help you to use the product that matches your need.
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With access to the different types of financial products with most financial companies and banks, we help our clients to learn how to reduce their expenses and increase the cash flow in their business to be able to focus to grow their business.
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Business owner and employees benefit plan

Niklife offers companies of any size smarter alternatives to maximize their benefit plans with fair and affordable premiums. We can design a plan for companies with as few as one employee.
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Estate Planning

Estate planning is an important exercise you undertake to preserve your wealth for your family and arrange for its orderly devolution to your heirs. We will work with your lawyers and accountant to make sure you have a proper plan that meet your wishes.
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About Founder

Uniting her passion for mathematics with artistry in problem-solving, Mahshid provides invaluable expertise around financial planning and accounting practices. With both drive and integrity, she honed her entrepreneurial skills here in Canada, where she inherited detailed knowledge of corporate tax and legal regulations, and government incentive schemes for small businesses. This combination of acquired and intrinsic insight are the tools she uses to support and guide companies to achieve their financial goals. Mahshid believes in maintaining a positive mindset, creating partnerships with a purpose, and always striving for significant outcomes. When you work with her, you should expect a collaboration with transparency and consistency.

Mahshid Amini
We Work With Canada's Leading Insurance and Financial Institutes.


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