Niklife Financial


Niklife financial inc has been in service in Canada  since 2010 .

As dedicated advisors we believe our company should stand for professionalism and excellence in providing insurance and investments by successfully practicing an ethic of responsibility.

We combine our specialized individual services with several professionals to enable us to offer advice in all areas of financial planning. We believe this is the strategic advantage that will allow us to better meet the needs of our clients in a professional manner.


financial planning steps


Our role is to help people:

–  Realign their financial expenditures to protect what matters most.

–   Shift from “desire based” to “values based” financial decision making

–  We start a plan and monitor the progress over time.



List of insurance companies


Our company is a broker firm. It means we are working with most insurance and investment companies in Canada.

The list of companies that our company work with them has been provided for your information.




We can help a lot more people reach their life’s  financial goals … . Maybe you too! Please contact us, we are here to provide you a solution.




"Mahshid has an amazing talent for blending professionalism seamlessly with a friendly and compassionate demeanor. I have been particularly impressed with her ability to convey her expertise in easy to understand language. The depth of her knowledge made the decision making process easy for me in several financial and insurance cases. Her professional recommendations and assistance in selecting the appropriate policies have always given me peace of mind. Mahshid is thorough, educated and it is clear that she has the best interests of her clients in mind. I encourage anyone looking for financial or insurance services to contact with Mahshid right away!"
— Younes Rashidi, MASc, BSc at Simon Fraser University