Mahshid Amini




“I love my job!” – I love helping people, and there is nothing more rewarding to me than helping my clients achieve their great financial goals in life”







Mahshid’s path in this profession began when she decided to make a big career change to be able to help people to set their financial goals and understand their financial risks.

Mahshid’s passion in math and physics help her to use all the math calculations in the tax planning and needs analysis to make the best financial plan for her clients base on the companies’ and individuals’ need.

Mahshid is an independent broker which means she has no connections to any particular fund family, insurance company or other financial institutions particularly which it means:

  • She is working only in your best interest.
  • If she recommends a particular product, service or strategy, it’s only because she believes it’s right for you.
  • Her only bias is to provide the best possible advice & service to you, so you’ll be her client for life… and you’ll tell all your  friends about her!

For more information about her education and her background, please check her linkedin account.


"Mahshid has an amazing talent for blending professionalism seamlessly with a friendly and compassionate demeanor. I have been particularly impressed with her ability to convey her expertise in easy to understand language. The depth of her knowledge made the decision making process easy for me in several financial and insurance cases. Her professional recommendations and assistance in selecting the appropriate policies have always given me peace of mind. Mahshid is thorough, educated and it is clear that she has the best interests of her clients in mind. I encourage anyone looking for financial or insurance services to contact with Mahshid right away!"
— Younes Rashidi, MASc, BSc at Simon Fraser University