Ten Years of Financial Planning Insights and Support from Niklife

We’re proud to be celebrating the ten year anniversary of Niklife. We’re thrilled to continue our decade-long mission to provide valuable, personalized insights to businesses and individuals for their investment, insurance, tax planning, estate planning, and cash goal needs.

For five years, Niklife and Mahshid helped clients with personal financial planning and insurance selection, all while obtaining her Financial Planning certification from FP Canada. The goal of Niklife from those earliest days has been to help individuals and small businesses make informed decisions about cash management, insurance, and investments.

In addition to extensive experience working with clients directly, Mahshid served as the CFO of a Venture Capital company in Canada, further expanding a baseline of knowledge around corporate structure, and the financial issues that most influence and concern businesses of all sizes. From real estate and start-up investments to operations, holding companies, and trust companies, she has developed a strong background in all areas of financial planning.

Niklife’s Next Ten Years

Drawing on a decade of experience in personal financial planning, venture capital, and business support, Niklife is well-positioned to thrive in the years ahead. Serving small businesses with 1-50 employees, dental and medical clinics, and independent professionals, Niklife is dedicated to supporting a full range of financial decision-making – from choosing the right benefits package to making careful investments to facilitate future growth.